L'École des Femmes

"L'École des Femmes", a passport to the future for women in Goma, DR Congo.

When KISANY was founded in 2003, the embroiderers of Goma naturally trained each other in embroidery and sewing to learn and perfect their techniques.

10 years ago, during the meeting between KISANY and Sisley - d'Ornano Foundation in Paris, a beautiful bond was formed. Wishing to offer its support, Sisley - d'Ornano Foundation collaborated with KISANY to create the "L'Ecole des Femmes". This school aims to empower women in the Kivu region through various trainings. Initially intended for embroiderers, these trainings have expanded to welcome more women into this enriching project.

The program includes literacy, preventive health, computer skills, women's rights, advancement in embroidery and sewing, and agroecology, thus enabling women to learn to become autonomous.

These trainings, though seeming accessible in our countries, are invaluable resources in regions where women are often mistreated and neglected. In addition to its support for "L'Ecole des Femmes", Sisley Foundation has also contributed to the "Merci Maman" program, which finances the higher education of the embroiderers' children, and more recently to the "KISANY Gardens", a training program in vegetable farming aimed at single mothers responsible for at least four people. Concurrently, the Sisley Group has entrusted KISANY with the production of embroidered pouches and bags, offered globally with the purchase of Sisley products.​

Today, approximately 200 people have benefited from this program, which has had a significant impact on their community, indirectly affecting nearly 2000 people.

This initiative has led to the creation of beautiful life stories.

The goal for 2025 is to train a further 90 women, thanks to the support of KISANY, En Avant Les Enfants and Sisley - d'Ornano Foundation.

Training in sewing

Training in leadership

Training in agro-ecology

Training in literacy